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Shipping Policy

Once your products are ordered, we do our best to get them shipped as soon as possible, but a wait time of 7 days can usually be expected. Shipping costs are included in your purchase with a charge of $9.80. Deliveries are Australia wide only, and we do not ship *International.


We also offer a pick up option if you wish to order online and collect your items while on the island. Alternatively visit us and buy in store to see our products in person while saving on shipping costs. Our address is 205 Emu Bay Rd, Wisanger, SA 5223.

Refunds & Exchanges

All damaged products will be replaced free of charge, although we always try our best to ensure this doesn't happen. If you are unsatisfied with any of our products, please get in touch directly and we will endeavour to rectify any issues personally. Our contact is (08) 8553 5338

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